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Midnight Skyracer
Friday 6th September 2019*
Seaford Little Theatre,

4 Steyne Rd, Seaford BN25 1HA
*(Note change of original date)*

Featuring the  Carrivick Sisters, this fresh-sounding all-female quintet is a sparky new “girl-power bluegrass” outfit. Laura and Charlotte are teamed up with virtuoso banjoist Tabitha Agnew and mandolinist Leanne Thorose – both of whom also sing (and how!) – and double bass player Eleanor Wilkie (who doesn’t sing, but as it turns out has also written some of the songs for the debut Midnight Skyracer album).

High-energy playing, characterful and strongly individual solo and harmony singing, high-class original songwriting, and a real talent for cutting through to the core of old-time bluegrass standards – well what more could you want? Hard, tough, gritty energy, set to some of the most driven, motoring rhythms you can imagine, with not a beat or note missed – wow!